Oakland is in Crisis!
We Deserve Better.

Seneca believes in the potential of Oakland neighbors, local businesses and organizations to create a city that is safe, healthy and prosperous for everyone.

Seneca has a plan.

1. Law and Order

Nothing can happen to lift our city until the war between City Hall and the Police is put to an end and we are all working together under new leadership towards the shared goals of safety and improvement in the quality of life for all of our residents.

Seneca will aggressively work to get OPD back to 900 sworn, well trained officers in his first term. However, he will ensure we do not criminalize poverty through traffic stops for violations that should only require “fix-it-tickets.” Seneca will instruct OPD to enforce our basic traffic and safety laws and end traffic violence, bringing order back to our streets.

2. Homelessness and Encampments

Oakland’s homeless population has grown 22% since 2019. Meanwhile, 800 of our unhoused neighbors have died in Alameda County. It’s cruel and unfair to continue to allow them to die in the squalor and despair in which so many thousands currently live.

“When the ideology of compassion leads to this kind of absurdity, it’s time to question our response. Compassion has become the human face of contempt.

- Christopher Lasch

Seneca will work with the County and State to ensure that Oakland gets its fair share of resources to help those with drug addiction and mental illness get wraparound services. He will aggressively address the major encampments that not only pose immense and constant health and safety risks, but serve as turf for the worst drug and crime tourism.

3. City Hall has weak leaders that lack accountability.

Oakland needs to move to a clearly defined form of government. Under Oakland’s current system, it is challenging for the mayor to deliver any agenda. Oakland Neighbors deserve an accountable mayor to be able to solve citywide problems. Without clearer authority, the mayor is unable to fulfill that expectation. 

Read the SPUR Report.

Seneca will lead a Charter Amendment for an accountable Mayor form of government that includes the ability to veto legislation and the responsibility for running the city by carrying out the executive functions of the government, including the hiring and firing of department heads.

Seneca Scott with Oakland Neighbors

4. Streets and Illegal Dumping

Oakland has too many neighborhoods and areas that have been dumped on regularly for years and the conditions of our streets are riveted with potholes and cracks.

Seneca will focus on street repair in all of our neighborhoods and institute a zero-tolerance policy with vehicle forfeiture and stiff fines for illegal dumpers and ensure the immediate removal of abandoned vehicles that are causing significant harm to our neighborhood and to the environment.

He will also increase the ability for neighbors to dump their trash safely by decreasing dump fees and increasing awareness about free bulk pickup.

We Deserve Better!

Overgrow Oakland

Seneca will lead the creation of a new Department of Agriculture in Oakland dedicated to increasing our agricultural identity and viability. With thousands of acres, and a willing partner in the County and local developers, we can reinvent our city to be more sustainable. Growing food brings Neighbors Together; let’s do more of what works.

Meet Seneca

Seneca moved to Oakland in 2012 to work as the East Bay Director for SEIU Local 1021, representing and negotiating improvements to wages and working conditions for thousands of workers in East Bay cities, most notably Oakland. It didn’t take long for Seneca to fall in love with The Town for it’s independent spirit and love of nature.

Moving to the Lower Bottoms, he immediately went to work in the community co-founding Bottoms Up Community Gardens and Oakhella. Seneca likes to say that all of his endeavors serve the same purpose, helping to bring Oakland Neighbors closer together.

In 2020, Seneca ran for City Council to bring a voice to his neighbors that he felt was being ignored. His Neighbors Together movement has since exploded across the city, demanding accountability from its Mayor and City Council.

Seneca has worked as a Labor leader and community organizer for over 20 years. He earned his B.S. from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

He has served as a Director for various Unions, as well as a consultant, negotiating contracts for Bay Area public sector employees. In addition to organizing, Seneca is a cook, farmer and chess enthusiast.